Setting the clock on a zanissi oven

Published February 11, 2007 by Sean

Having lost the instructions for my zanussi ZBS 703 oven, it’s taken me a while to work out how to set the clock on this model. If I write it here, I might be able to find it later 🙂
Update 29/12/07: Now I have the instructions, here is a precis.

ZBS 703 Built in Oven.

Controls are numbered 1-10 for the buttons, left to right.

Clock Set: 5,6 together, then set time using 9 or 10.

Auto: Set program, 5 then 9/10 to select duration. Optional, 6 then 9/10 to set end time.

Child lock, 1+3 for 5 sec. Then hold 1 with 8 to allow use.

Hold down ‘cook time’ and ‘stop time’ together to enter clock setting mode (the colon in the clock flashes). Use the +/- buttons to set the current time.


After spending 2 hours on the phone to carphone warehouse data support, here is the info I was looking for. It’s still a bit unclear what the distinction is between the different settings.

(and some mobile gprs settings for o2 )
Internet – (02 WAP GPRS)
username: o2wap
password: password
Proxy :
port : 8080

Email – (o2 mobile web)
address :
username : o2web
password : password
proxy :
port : 8080

MMS centre address:

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  1. Steve says:

    Thanks for the instructions, finally managed to change my clock.

    Posted January 8, 2012 @ 9:36 am (UK)

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