Spice UK is great value (or not?)

Published June 18, 2007 by Sean

Spice claims that it’s great value for money. Here are a few comparisons for as close as I could find for a few events, all ‘twin share’ accommodation. Clearly the cheapest walking option would be through a group like the rambler’s association. The people on SpeedBreaks  (now Adventura -2010 update) weekends have tended to be more independent than a typical Spice weekend, purely on the basis that they’ve booked the event on their own, rather than picking it as something to do this weekend from the brochure. This might increase the value of these trips for some people.
Weekend sailing

  • Spice UK £173 (2 days)
  • SymphonySailing £275 (3 days (£180 pro-rata))
  • SpeedBreaks £290 (3 days)

Symphony’s boats are of a higher spec than the one I have done spice trips on, although the quality of the skipper is comparable, I’d sail again with both.

Walking Weekend

  • Spice UK £110 (2 days)
  • SpeedBreaks £220 (3 days)

Holiday park weekend

Warmwell offers about 8 hours of dance classes, 6 live bands and a decent sized quality dance floor.

Diving Red Sea

  • SpiceUK £ 640
  • SpeedBreaks £600

Spice annual membership £144. This is equivalent to 6 times the annual membership of the Rambler’s Association, who will usually organise pub trips, films, sports etc. on their local forums. That would leave a bit left over to join a couple of other clubs. My local dive club membership is only £70, and that includes free events and use of their pool.

An interesting development, there is now a SpiceUK group on Facebook

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