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Published April 24, 2008 by Sean

Myth TV looked quite tempting, even thought it seemed impossible to reliably check if a particular DVB device works – so I took the plunge and invested £30. Packaging and versions seem to vary from week to week and by country.
My device is WinTV-NOVA-T-Stick model 1185 SL-1185-V2.0-UK
Much faffing about and I work out that I need to download firmware (presuming this is proprietary so won’t be included in ubuntu, but the install documentation is so secret)

Other problems I have encountered are nVidia drivers badly autodetecting TV-out settings, and resetting themselves at the earliest opportunity, and the nvidia-settings tool playing some nasty games to avoid needing to be run as root. Then it says it can’t overwrite a backup file, it means it did nothing, and needs running as sudo nvidia-settings. Even then, nvidia-xconfig -A is the only easy way to change the settings easily. Plus the 8600GT doesn’t seem to do overscan, and can be killed by shorting out the composite output. seems to be an ideal replacement though,  single board with a  quality integrated video device. Just need to  find  an  as small as possible  HTPC case  with external  PSU.

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