I just took the “What the hell just happened to FB” quiz and …

Published March 18, 2009 by Sean

I just took the “What the hell just happened to FB” quiz and the result is: I don’t f-ing know.

I don’t f-ing know:
– Why my news feed now is inundated with quiz results
– Why I “feel” like I’ve lost the ability to communicate with my friends now
– Why I feel shy to even share stuff with friends anymore because I don’t want to bombard them with feeds just from me — previously, I could decorate my profile nicely with big pictures of what I do, what I like, etc — Now, all the stuff I post and share are twitter-bastardized now
– Why we are cast back into the stone age of Quizzes. I mean I still have a quiz app with 800K users I can pound this kind of news feeds to, but I’m not interested (maybe I’m just stupid)
– Why I see so many little thumbnails of myself on every page. I mean, I don’t think I’m butt ugly or hideous, but seeing SO MANY little pictures of myself makes me annoyed at… my own face.
– Why aren’t any other apps sending out these news feeds like Quizzes are?
– Why can’t I block the Quiz results (the app itself) and not have only resort to totally “hiding” feeds from my friend(s)

I don’t like this new FB interface. As a self-proclaimed FB power-user, my usage has fallen dramatically recently. I hope your other 159,999,999 users are happy.


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