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Facebook 419 scam

After having my Facebook account hacked last week, I thought I’d write some thoughts on how to be more aware of this sort of thing, and how to try and mitigate the impact. Originally posted at Scam profile Mr X manages to find my facebook account profile, and starts opening chat windows with anyone […]

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Facebook account hacked

6th August, about 4pm. My facebook account is hacked, and someone pretending to be me is messaging people asking for money to help me out of an urgent problem. I’m not having any cashflow probs so far as know! 9am 7th August – my facebook account is 0wned by me again:) This is the classic […]

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AMD/ATI linux driver survey. Following my ongoing inability to use an integrated graphics 790GX motherboard with myth, I found this survey linked in the release notes for fglrx 9.7 (which I haven’t tried, but the pre-release version seemed a small improvement) Cutting edge (beta) drivers may be posted here: Latest update was this morning.

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