Crystal Blues

Published September 15, 2010 by Sean

Sara has another post on the JiveNites blog, discussing the path which has lead to this all weekend event. I’ve been going to events organised by Sara for too long to remember exactly (about 5). Not my first weekenders, but my first trips to the old Jive Addiction Southport, in the days when I wasn’t yet sure if the blues room was for me. Sara was so enthusiastic that I thought it was worth persisting with though.

My dancing has moved on since those days, and I now search out exclusively blues or tango-esque music, finding that many events do absolutely nothing for my dance mojo I do less dancing for more driving. Even Scotland for a weekend!

There might be more awareness of blues, but that seems to spread things out a little more, so it will be great to see who turns up this weekend and if we can manage to re-create the magic of a full weekend of blues room goodness. (It’s not quite 24 hour dancing, but I do prefer to be able to sleep at night, rather than work the night shift just because that’s when everyone thinks the best dancing is to be had).

I’m not competing this weekend (it just isn’t something that interests me), but I will be there taking a few photos and at all of the freestyles. (Fri, Sat, Sun).

Hope to see a few familiar faces at Buckden this weekend.

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