Hemsby JA weekender June 2011

Published June 15, 2011 by Sean

A new venue for a weekender, although google streetview did allow a glimpse of the town before arriving. A very standard garish seaside view, but at least the accommodation seemed to fit in quite well. On arrival, it looked OK. Lots of tiny bungalow chalets which although very very basic, were clean and well enough maintained. Certainly not 5 star, but also not reminiscent of the Southport prison block style.

The dance venue seems quite well laid out – One building with bar/lounge, blues room, dining room and WCS room, then main room in another building about 50 yards walk outside. Each room has a bar, and the 2 secondary rooms are a reasonable size.

Good points were:

  • Blues room layout, and good sized proper dance floor
  • Afternoon freestyles in the middle of the venue seemed to attract enough people
  • Atmosphere seemed generally quite good
  • Live band in the blues room on Sunday evening. Could have had maybe a little more slower, and less funky stuff, but I liked enough of it.
  • Tango Milongas in the blues room every evening
  • Afternoon sets were generally a good compromise for the people there.

Bad points were:

  • Queues for dinner on Friday evening (venue not prepared for 500 people to eat), although the situation did improve significantly over the weekend.
  • Lighting in the blues room. The approach seems to be to hope it will work, and not be prepared in case it doesn’t.
  • Several blues room sets were a bit too monotonous, although there were enough good sets to almost make up for it. The only problem is deciding when to stay up till dawn, and when to give up in favour of sleep.


I didn’t do any classes, but the standard of dancing (at least in the blues room, and afternoons) seemed reasonable but without many people who stood out. Certainly it has potential, and I had enough really good dances to make it worth the effort, which was a pleasing surprise.


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