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Admiral Insurance telephone harassment

´╗┐Today’s game for anyone who is bored. Call Admiral on 0800 600800 or 029 20601294 (i.e. not the pay to call 0845 number) and ask them why their auto-dialling robot is stalking me. It calls several times a week, and if I call back it says there is no need to speak to them, it’s […]

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Hitachi Yutaki RHUE 4.0AVHN ASHP

As of today, I have an air-source heat pump replacing my old storage heater system. The old system needed replacing anyway since it was not at all flexible to use. The property is 81sqm bungalow, 1970’s construction with 270mm loft insulation. The new system consists of: 7.1 kW nominal output heat pump Unvented solar+heap pump […]

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