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Heat pump power/time plots

My heat pump now has it’s own power meter. Monitoring the compressor and water pump, excluding immersion and control circuitry. In the first day, it used 19 kWh. See sidebar link for installation details Using the android Energy Meter app to count the pulses from the 1000/kWh LED, I sampled the power profile over a […]

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Heat pump data – cold day

Temperature logged on one of my radiators. Outdoor temperature 1 degree above freezing. 4.5Kw ASHP, Whole house consumption over 24 hours 31kWh. Flow setpoint 38, Flow 40/return 31 (click for larger image) Looks like 15 compressor starts in a 15 hour period. This is a radiator system with no buffer tank (but bypass fed to […]

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