Cocktail Audio X10 HDD HiFi

Published November 21, 2012 by Sean

Purchased from, £279 including delivery, HDD from Amazon (WD blue 500 GB) £47. Total £326 saving £23 from the pre-installed HDD option. Just add speakers and intenet.
Supports MP3, FLAC, OGG, WMA. FLAC being the obvious best choice for lossless compression. Also works as media server/FTP server although I’ve not tested these, and in theory only one unit needs an HDD if you have several networked together.

WiFi works with generic dongles, not just the cocktail one, and the 2 USB sockets are well enough spaced to allow a card reader to be used in at least one whilst the other has a dongle plugged in. File manager built in for file manipulation/import, and should also work as a mass-storage device.

* Reported average quality audio amp
* Poor handling of Adtist/Album artist
* Slow USB indexing (not bad, but noticable)
* FreeDB imports batched up by Cocktail, need to download from their website.
* FreeDB quality not clear.
* Inconsistent navigation
* Panel switches quite limited, needs remote
* Web interface is not password protected
* Default filesystem NTFS. Also supports FAT32

* Import existing database from USB, fairly quick. (tags fixed using musicbrainz pickard)
* Album art download from google/digital7/hdd
* Playback at the same time as some admin/config
* Web interface for control/editing (also phone version)
* Web interface is open (i.e on HDD, in source code format)
* 2 x 3.5mm jack outputs (headphones/line out/sub, etc) as well as SPDIF.
* Database backup seems to be simple per-album dump

Cocktail X10

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