Electronics for Performing Engineering Operations

Published February 28, 2018 by Sean

This is a NVQ course (7582), covering a wide range of topics.

I’m disappointed by the amount and quality of supporting material (a book published in 2012 – Grimwood, will be a little dated by now even if it was current when published). Courses are using circuit examples based on NE555 and 7805 type voltage regulators – These are 45 year old components and do not provide a good starting point for students entering the workforce in 2020.

The posts here are not answers to assessment questions, but provide background information which will help you with the assessments.

Please provide your feedback on the topics which you would like to see discussed and explained in more detail.

I’ve worked in designing prototype electronics (mainly radio-frequency circuits), including small production runs of up to 500 units for evaluation. I’m familiar with both the design, and manual/automated assembly and test. More recently, I’ve been working in ASIC/Integrated circuit design.

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