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Mont Chajol – 19th Nov

This walk was one of the most scenic I’ve done in France. It would have been a simple, if tough, walk if it hadn’t been for the snow near the top. At the point where we left the track and started following a rough path through the grass, we were walking on a thin covering […]

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Plateau St Barnabe / Puy de Tourrettes
Sunday 3rd December 2006

Most people seem to becancelling due to the weather – if anyone is still interested please txt me in the morning and we can arrange something. Sunday 3rd December 2006 Plateau St Barnabe / Puy de Tourrettes By popular request, another walk on a Sunday. This one is guaranteed (maybe) to be easier than the […]

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Sunday 3rd December 2006

My first blog posting

OK, just playing with this to see what it’s like… Advertised as a 5 hour ‘sportive’, we did this walk in reverse order. It took us about 6 1/2 hours, including a slightly hurried lunch. The ascent was over an amazing view over the coast – very steep, and very hot (even though it was […]

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