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Heat Pump cost data, 2nd full year

My Hitachi Yutaki heat pump has been running for almost 3 years. I’ve made significant changes to the control logic with two external microprocessors, and have been logging data (manually and in real time). Whilst the system was a massive improvement compared with the old storage heaters/immersion heater (in terms of flexibility and control matching to heat […]

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Taming the Hitachi Yutaki heat pump controller

I’ve had my ASHP for a year now, and started trying to improve on some of the shortfalls in it’s control behaviours. I’m not done yet, but have at least managed a modest improvement in performance over the past few months compared to the earlier data I have, despite these months being quite cold (and […]

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Standing Losses

Daily heating load is about 16kWh for a day with night-time temp 4/daytime 6. From a breakdown of temperatures in the system, a quick analysis of where the energy goes, with an aim to asess where best to make savings. Thermal standing losses from Tank and DHW pipework come to 2kWh. Probably a little more for the […]

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