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HTPC build, take 2

After a slow start in 2009, my HTPC Build is back with a new machine. CPU: A10-5700 3.4GHz 60W MB: ASUS F2 A85-M PRO RAM: 8GB DDR3 2166 SDD: Samsung 830 64GB NAS: QNAP TS219P-II DVB: PCTV Systems DVB-T2 290e nanoStick KBD: Logitech diNovoEdge Case is the same lian-li-c36, but with a replaced PSU since […]

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AMD/ATI linux driver survey. Following my ongoing inability to use an integrated graphics 790GX motherboard with myth, I found this survey linked in the release notes for fglrx 9.7 (which I haven’t tried, but the pre-release version seemed a small improvement) Cutting edge (beta) drivers may be posted here: Latest update was this morning.

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790gx Integrated graphics and MythTv

On first glance, an AM2+/AM3 motherboard using 780GX or 790GX integrated graphics would make a great HTPC, particularly with a reasonably low power CPU. The big problem with this strategy is the driver situation. Whilst there exists an open source driver, it is limited in it’s use of acceleration – particularly for 3D. The proprietary […]

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