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Self-destruct of Dell batteries

Just a quick introductory placeholder to start pulling together the state of smart battery management and planned obsolescence in 2019. My 2 year old 6 Cell 6400mAh 74Wh Dell 357F9 Battery (in an Inspiron machine) suddenly reported itself as ‘non genuine’, and unable to charge. On inspection, the cells were charged (although one was low) […]

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Foscam firmware email 16 March 2013

I recently bought a Foscam FI8910W – not a cheap copy, but the real thing. It seems to have an odd habit of rebooting and loosing the stored position, so I thought download the latest firmware and see if that helps. Now I find a very odd thing. Not only do I need to register by […]

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Using RSS to read blogs and follow news

Prompted by a BBC Click item extolling the virtues of AppMakr, particularly from a publisher’s point of view, I wondered how familiar most web users are with feed readers. There seem to be a large number of apps which simply bring all the items published by a single blogger or channel, but for the reader there […]

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