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Legal Enforceability of Private Parking Tickets

From a comment on El Reg by Richto, no doubt with some information from There is a great deal of doubt about the legal enforceability of private parking invoices that are issued to motorists. Unlike parking tickets issued by local authorities, which are backed by statute, the enforcement of private parking is essentially a […]

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Orance 0800 Customer Services Number

‎0800 0790214 0800 0794000, free from a landline. These are not 0845 numbers, so ought to be free on some mobile tarrifs – please check first though. These came from Orance after I had some handset issues (actually no data enabled on my tarrif due to their error) so they may only be useful for […]

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Litlington Wind Farm

I discovered today that there are proposals to build a wind farm approximately 3.5 km from my house. Since the turbines (5 proposed) are to be 100m high it is likely that they will be visible and possibly audiable from my house. They are likely to impact everyone living in Bassingbourn, Royston, Stepple Morden, and will completely […]

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