Engineering Operations

This page is an index of the posts I’ve written, and am planning to write on basic electronics, relevant to 2020. It’s hard to suggest an order to read these posts in, since the subject is complicated and until you understand the general principles,some of the details will be hard. Feel free to scan each section, then look at them in more detail.

Please let me know which areas need a different explanation if these are causing you confusion. I will also be extending some of the pages as I go, so do check back occasionally to see if there are edits.

Note that these posts are not intended to cover the material at the same level as would be expected for an Electronic Engineering course. Please bear this in mind when you think my explanations are incomplete.


Assembling Circuits

Assembling and Testing electronic circuits. Preparation.

Understanding the information about your circuit.

Component Selection and sourcing

Component Tolerances

Assembly processes


Understanding Circuits

Voltage, Current and Resistance in simple terms


Diodes and Transistors

Digital Circuits

Integrated Circuits


Testing Circuits

Test Equipment

In circuit testing2

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