The following item from the You and Yours consumer programme makes worrying reading for drivers. All the more reason to be alert to drivers around you and their possible intentions, better still it should re-enforce the 3-4 second following distance rule (rather than the minimum 2 seconds in HC). The maxim of being able to stop in the distance one can see to be clear becomes even more important for following distances. And also make sure there is plenty of space if someone offers to let you in. In short build this important knowledge into your driving plans.

The item also re-enforces the value of making sure you always carry a disposable, or digital camera in your car. And donít hesitate to use it at the scene of a crash. As you will see a little insistence could save you an immense amount of heartache and possibly money.

Sorry, I'm going to have to re-write this article to get round any potential copyright issues. Please check back later.

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